5 Ways Luna Lovegood Taught Us to Be Ourselves
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5 Ways Luna Lovegood Taught Us to Be Ourselves

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5 Ways Luna Lovegood Taught Us to Be Ourselves

Luna Lovegood. Luna was one of the most memorable characters in the Harry Potter series in my opinion! Ravenclaw, eccentric, brave, intelligent, creative, a true friend. These are just some of the ways to describe this wonderful witch. Not only was she an amazing fictional character, but I also think she’s a fantastic role model to readers. See 5 ways Luna Lovegood taught us to be ourselves!

5 Ways Luna Lovegood Taught Us to Be Ourselves

She wears what she wants

Luna was often known throughout the Harry Potter series to wear rather…wacky outfits and accessories.

From her radish earrings, to her famous pink spectre specs glasses, and her DIY butterbeer necklace she always wore to keep the Nargles away. Luna’s fashion choices were unique.

You know that dress you’ve always wanted to wear? Or those pants that everyone thinks are hideous, but you absolutely adore?

Wear them!

Expressing yourself through your clothing is very fun and often personal. Don’t worry about what others think of you, if it makes you happy wearing it…go for it!

She’s honest

Luna was never one to lie.

She didn’t tell people what they wanted to hear, or agree with them just so they’d like her.

No, instead Luna was a very honest person. She was solid and clear about her personal values and belief’s and never let anyone take that from her.

Do you ever find yourself pretending to be someone you’re not, in order to fit in or be liked?

We’ve all been there!

But the important thing, is to always remember to be yourself! If the people around can’t accept you for who you truly are, then meet other people who will.

She has an open mind

Aside from Albus Dumbledore, I truly believe Luna had the most open mind in the Harry Potter series.

She was so open to trying new ways, learning new things, and talking to new people.

Being the Ravenclaw she is, Luna never shut down things or conversations she didn’t agree with. Instead she engaged in them passionately and eagerly learned and observed the things that seemed impossible.

Having an open mind is a great way to approach life.

When you’re not constantly closing your mind off to new things, you open up the gateways to learning about things you never knew existed!

She treats everyone with respect

She treats everyone with respect 

Luna didn’t have many friends during her earlier years in Hogwarts. She was often the target of cruel pranks and ruthless bullies, but she didn’t let how others treated her dictate how she treated others.

Instead Luna was kind, caring, and respectful.

She treated everyone fairly and didn’t get caught up on popularity or worrying about her reputation at Hogwarts.

Treating every human being with respect is something that our society can forget about sometimes. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like someone, or don’t agree with them on certain subjects.

It’s important to remember to have respect for others!

She’s herself no matter what

Looney Lovegood was Luna’s mean nickname by those in Hogwarts. Most of the students in school thought she was an insane lunatic.

But that never stopped Luna from divulging in her favorite hobbies, passions, and conversations.

She loved telling others about her father, Xenophilius Lovegood’s publication, The Quibbler. And often startled her peers with her solid beliefs in things such as Nargles, Wrackspurts, and waiting for her stolen belongings to make a sudden reappearance.

Here Luna taught us that being yourself is the best person YOU can be.

Never hide or damper parts of yourself depending on who you’re around.

Let your true self shine!

What do you love most about Luna? Are you a Ravenclaw? How has Luna Lovegood positively influenced you in your life?

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