Beauty and the Beast Retellings

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These Beauty and the Beast Retellings detail a tale as old as time.

The classic story of the beauty and the beast is a magical one. The story all starts when an arrogant prince gets a wicked spell cast over him, and is turned into a savage horrible looking beast. Despite his misfortune he finds love with a beautiful woman named Belle. Belle manages to find her way into his life, castle, and heart…

The fairytale is one that tugs at your heart strings, and is unforgettable.

These creative retellings use the same story line. However, they put modern, historic, and comedic twists on the classic fairy tale. You’ll fall in love with these different editions of the classic love story.

Beauty and the Beast Retellings

Blackmailed by the Beast by Georgia Le Carre

Chelsea thought she would find her prince charming, but meets a beast of a man. He’s as ruthless as he is cruel, and Chelsea knows he’s bad for her. Their attraction grows fatal, and Chelsea becomes stuck in a dangerous contract. To her surprise, the beast doesn’t care about the money…he would rather possess her instead.

The Beast Within by Serena Valentino

The cursed prince wasn’t always such a monster. But unfortunate life circumstances turned him into the beast that we all know. The poor creature desperately craves to find his true love, but how will he ever when he looks like this? Can he find his happily ever after?

Beauty by Robert McKinley

Honour gets put to the test after her father is in peril. He gets trapped while coming across a savage beast in the forest one fateful night. So she recklessly decides to trade in her life, in exchange for her fathers. What Honour didn’t expect, was to have her heart so brutally stolen by such a beast of a man.

Falling for the Beast by Victorine E. Lieske

Aribelle is a housemaid for the cruel and mysterious Mr. Thaddeus. All she has to do is show up for her job, and leave. But the curious young woman can’t help but wonder why her employer comes home every night, covered in wounds. Her curiosity leads her to discover the man that lies beneath the beast.

More Beauty and the Beast Retellings

Beauty and Beastly by Melanie Karsak

To escape her overbearing suitor, Isabelle goes on a sea voyage with her father and his crew to study mechanicals. But things don’t go as planned, and the shipwrecks, becoming lost at sea. Displaced on a small island, Isabelle finds herself in the company of magic. But the most magical thing she finds, is a beast of a man.

Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm

Sorcha embarks upon a journey to make a deal that will save the lives of her people. She faces great danger to find the mysterious king, and doesn’t expect to find love along the way. As time passes, Sorcha must find and lure in the beast of a man who wears his disfigurement as a shield to hide from everyone.

Beauty and the Baron by Joanna Barker

With her father locked up, and not a penny to her name, Rose Sinclair is desperate to find a way out of her misery. Her desperation leads her to the home of the cruel Henry Covington. In a surprise turn of events, he agrees to help her, and allows Rose to become his personal maid. This decision leads to a terrifying romance…

The Rose and Mask by Victoria Leybourne

Faustina is a beautiful girl with a penchant for stealing things that don’t belong to her. Her escapades lead her to a secluded island, with the most gorgeous things to steal. But Faustina’s plans of robbery gets completely ruined by a man who owns the secluded island. Both held on the island by a curse, Faustina’s entire world gets turned upside down.

Beauty and the Beast Retellings You’ll Love

Beauty and the Goblin King by Lidiya Foxglove

The Goblin King is known for giving money to the women who agree to stay the night with him. Sacrificed by her sister, Sabela is thrust into caverns where the Goblin King resides. Embraced with unexpected passion and darkness, Sabela fears that she’ll never leave, and isn’t quite sure she wants too.

A Tale of Beauty and Beast by Melanie Cellier

Princess Sophia is determined to shatter the curse that holds Palinar captive, including it’s Prince. Completely isolated, Princess Sophia has to work harder than ever to discover the counter curse. This journey leads her Prince Dominic. The more time they spend together Sophia starts to wonder if her efforts are in vain.

Beauty and the Billionaire by Lauren Landish

Mia is enamored by her boss, Thomas Goldstone. He’s handsome, rich, but cold. She knows she doesn’t have a chance with the man, but Mia is desperate to know the man beneath the monster. To her surprise, Mia starts to notice the smoldering gazes he’s started to send her way…

Depravity: A Beauty and the Beast Novel by M.J. Haag

Benella spends her time foraging for food, and avoiding trouble. One day trouble finds her, and Benella gets trapped inside the property of the beast. Terrified for her life Benella, begs the beast to let her go. And to her complete horror, the beastly creature isn’t planning on setting her free anytime soon.

A Tale as Old as Time…

Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea

Elle didn’t mean to fall through the roof and injure her leg. Now unable to walk, Elle is forced into the care of the brooding Prince Severin. Furious about the curse that has been cast on him, Prince Severin isn’t an easy man to get along with. And the more time Elle spends with him, the more curious she is about the beast.

The Rose Gate by Hanna Sandvig

Isobel can’t wait to escape her family, and start her new life at university. However, her plans are ruined after she is hunted by a pack of vicious wolves. Ruthlessly pursued by them in the forest, Isobel gets saved by a bear. The bear turns out to be a cursed man. Now hidden in the man’s home, Isobel must be careful to guard her heart.

Gilded Rose by Emma Hamm

When the whole world gets attacked, Amicia is taken captive by a brutal king. He threatens to steal her humanity, unless she can find a cure to his ailment. Forced to work with a short timeline, Amicia works hard to secure the longevity of her people. But she wasn’t expecting to fall in love during the process.

The Beauty and The Beast by Alana Albertson

Grady is the youngest winner of the Medal of Honor, and women from all over throw themselves at him. Somehow Isabella agrees to pose as Grady’s fake girlfriend. It isn’t long before the two of them develop an unbreakable bond that threatens to tear everything apart.