Series: Snow White Retellings
Length: 272

Heartbroken by the death of his wife, Jessica grew up neglected by her father with only servants for company. Without warning, Jessica’s father remarries and the woman is malicious and envious of Jessica’s blossoming beauty. Moving to London, Jessica meets a group of misfits and becomes part of a family, until her stepmother finds her, seeking forgiveness.

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Author’s description:

In a tiny Welsh estate, a duke and duchess lived happily, lacking only a child — or, more importantly, a son and heir to the estate. Childbirth ultimately proved fatal for the young duchess. After she died, the duke was dismayed to discover that he was not only a widower, but also father to a tiny baby girl. He vowed to begin afresh with a new wife, abandoning his daughter in search of elusive contentment.

Independent — virtually ignored — and finding only little animals and a lonely servant boy as her companions, Jessica is pale, lonely and headstrong…and quick to learn that she has an enemy in her stepmother. “Snow,” as she comes to be known, flees the estate to London and finds herself embraced by a band of urban outcasts. But her stepmother isn’t finished with her, and if Jessica doesn’t take control of her destiny, the wicked witch will certainly harness her youth — and threaten her very life….

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