Minecraft Books for Kid Gamers

Minecraft Books for Kid Gamers

Minecraft is a nostalgic game I’ve watched my brothers and friends enjoy for years! They were captivated by the game’s option for creativity, the unique characters, and entertaining storylines. After watching my brothers create multiple things in the world of Minecraft, I decided to research some Minecraft books for kid gamers. 

I found plenty that any Minecraft fan would happily read. This reading list is perfect for kid gamers who need a boost of encouragement to read more often. The illustrations and easy-to-follow stories will make these books more digestible for children who don’t currently enjoy reading!

Minecraft Books for Kid Gamers

From zombies to wolves and creepers, your kid gamer will become immersed in the world of Minecraft without spending hours on electronics. They’ll visit magical islands and familiar locations within the pages of these books. 

Several of these Minecraft books are available on Kindle Unlimited. If your child likes to read ebooks, that is also a fun option! 

Here’s a link to sign up for Kindle Unlimited: https://amzn.to/3aSUtty

My brothers and I hope your kid gamers enjoy these exciting Minecraft books! 

Minecraft Books for Older Kids

Minecraft Books for Younger Kids

We hope your kiddos were able to go adventuring with these Minecraft books! There’s nothing better than finding books that match your interests, and this is a low-pressure way to encourage your kid gamer to read more books. Which of these books does your child plan to read first? I’d love to hear.

Happy Reading,
Hannah | Reading Obsessed