YA Books for Slytherins

YA Books for Slytherins

Although I’m not a Slytherin myself, my brothers and closest friends are proud members of the Slytherin house. Inspired by their personalities and traits, I wanted to collect a handful of books that would pique their interests. This reading list contains YA books for Slytherins specifically!

YA Books for Slytherins

The characters in these stories will remind you of the Slytherin house, and their character traits are everything Slytherin stands for ambition, resourcefulness, and cunningness. Also, these books are impressive because the main characters will do anything to achieve their ends. 

So, get ready to feed your Harry Potter obsession and enjoy these Slytherin book recommendations! 

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YA Books with Slytherin-Like Characters

YA Romance Books for Slytherins

Thrilling YA Books for Slytherins

YA Books for Mission-Oriented Slytherins

For all of you Slytherins out there, I hope this reading list helped you discover a new book to read! Do you have any more YA book recommendations for Slytherin’s that you’d suggest? I’d love to hear from you; let me know in the comments. 

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