Children's Books About Space and Planets
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Children’s Books About Space and Planets

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Children's Books About Space and Planets

Yesterday we got our first glimpse of a real black hole in space (see the picture here).

If the picture interested your kids, it’s a great way to open up a discussion about the galaxy with these informative Children’s Books About Space and Planets!

They’ll teach the kids about stars, galaxy, planets – and other things related to outer space.

Children’s Books About Space and Planets

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space by Catherine D. Hughes

This beautiful book is the latest addition to the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series. These colorful pages will introduce young children to the wonders of space, with colorful illustrations by David Aguilar and simple text that is perfect for beginning readers or for reading aloud.

There’s No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe

Beginning readers and budding astronomers are launched on a wild trip to visit the now eight planets in our solar system (per the International Astronomical Union’s 2006 decision to downgrade Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet), along with the Cat in the Hat, Thing One, Thing Two, Dick, and Sally.

A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky by Michael Driscoll & Meredith Hamilton

Children eight and up will enjoy this conversational but information-packed introduction to astronomy and stargazing, which includes the achievements of the great scientists, the history of space exploration, the story of our solar system, the myths behind the constellations, and how to navigate the night sky.

My Best Pop-up Space Book by DK

Starting with a blast-off sound button featured on the cover — and embedded on each spread throughout the book — youngsters will dive into the pages to find large pop-up surprises on every page. All key subjects are covered including Earth, the sun, the moon and stars, space travel, and astronauts.

50 Things To See With A Telescope by John A. Read

From the author of the bestselling book 50 Things to See with a Small Telescope, this colorful edition explores the constellations with young readers, guiding them to dozens of galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. Every page features a helpful “telescope view”, showing exactly how objects appear through a small telescope or binoculars.

National Geographic Readers: Mars by Elizabeth Carney

Discover the fascinating world of Mars in this colorful book packed with amazing imagery. In this inviting and entertaining format, kids will learn about the newest information on Mars, the Mars Rover, and our ongoing exploration of the Red Planet.

8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie

A delightfully fun, fact-filled planetary tale from the creator of the Baby University series! Travel around the solar system and celebrate what makes each planet unique! From Neptune to Mercury and all the planets in between, each one is different and each one is happy to be what they are.

Our Solar System (Sun, Moons & Planets) by Baby Professor

Yes, science can be made fun and easy! This book features the solar system in all its glory. You can see pictures of the planets and the galaxy in full color. The layout is definitely going to amaze and delight a child. As a result, learning becomes highly entertaining. Grab a copy today!

The Everything Kids’ Astronomy Book by Kathi Wagner & Sheryl Racine

Aliens, space ships, and constellations, oh my! Ride on a rocket ship to another galaxy with this stellar book. With The Everything Kids’ Astronomy Book, astronomers-in-training will learn: How galaxies like the Milky Way were built.
Why the sun’s surface is 20,000-50,000-degrees Fahrenheit. Why the earth spins and how gravity works.

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