Reading Resources for Kids!

Welcome! On this page you’ll find all of Reading Obsessed’s current recommendations for Reading Resources for Kids. These recommendations were chosen with much thought, and love, and we hope that they will aid you on your child’s literacy adventures.

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Reading Resources for Kids

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20 Best Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling

Need tips for teaching your child about all things reading and spelling? This free downloadable printable will give you all the advice you need to build up your child’s confidence, and your own.

Help your child learn and remember their lowercase letters with these FREE printable ABC crafts.

ABC Crafts for Uppercase Letters-1024x512

Help your child learn and remember their uppercase letters with these FREE printable ABC crafts.

ABC Snacks Cookbooks

This FREE pre-reading activity combines literacy & food. What a great combination!

All About Learning Press

All About Reading and All About Spelling is the BEST literacy curriculum for children. Their methods are easy for parents to teach, and even easier for children to understand.

All About Reading

All About Reading curriculum for Level 1!

All About Reading

All About Reading curriculum for Level 2!

All About Reading Giveaways

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All About Reading Pre-reading

The All About Reading Pre-reading program is all you need for teaching your little one how to become a strong reader. It’s filled with activities that are engaging, easy, and age appropriate!

All About Spelling

Make spelling a breeze! Group 1.

Make spelling a breeze! Group 2.

All About Spelling Giveaways

Enter to win! The giveaway ends October 1st, 2019.

Auditory Processing Disorder: 10 Ways to Help Your Child

If your child has auditory processing disorder, here are some helpful tips regarding literacy & education!

Banana Splits: fun with compound words

Make learning compound words a blast with this FREE printable banana splits game!

Chapter Book Series Library Lists

This FREE printable book list is the perfect literacy companion to bring along on a trip to your local library.

Dyslexia Resource Library

All About Learning’s dyslexia resource library is very informative!

Fun with Phonograms

The kids will have so much fun practice phonograms with these FREE printable board games!

Help Your Child's Memory E-book

Work on your child’s reading comprehension skills with this FREE download.

How to Evaluate a Reading Program

Use this printable checklist to see if you’re using the RIGHT reading program for your children!

More Reading Resources for Kids!

Make Your Own Fabric Alphabet

Get crafty and have the kids make their own fabric alphabet! This activity is great for improving letter recognition in preschoolers.

Penguin Pack Activity Download

This FREE adorable printable penguin pack engages kids with reading and spelling activities! This is perfect to use during winter.

Picture Books Library Lists

Bring this FREE printable picture book list to the library.

Popcorn Party Spelling Game

Make spelling fun with this FREE popcorn party game!