The Momo Suicide Challenge: What Parents NEED to Know About It

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The Momo Suicide Challenge: What Parents NEED to Know About It

Update: This dangerous online challenge has been linked to the deaths of several children all over the world. And it is also currently being inserted into the middle of children’s YouTube videos in an attempt to groom innocent children to harm themselves, and to avoid possible detection from parents and other adults.

With all of the fatal horrific stories and reports about The Momo Challenge going viral around the internet and even on the news, you probably are wondering what it’s all about.

The Momo Challenge, is a sick suicidal game played between anonymous hackers, and children.

Yes, you read that right. Children.

It’s commonly played on popular applications such as Whatsapp, Youtube, and even Facebook.

The “challenge” consists of an unknown handler texting “tasks” for the child to complete. That could range to anything from self harm, gruesome violent acts, and even eventually suicide.

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However, if the child were to refuse to do any of the tasks, the unknown handler will often bombard them with very violent and gruesome imagery, along with heavy individualized threats.

Because of this, children are typically too afraid to tell their parents or any other trusted adult, and fall deeper in the anonymous hackers web.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from the Momo Challenge

To keep your child from falling victim to this horrific suicide game, here are some vital precautions you can take.

The Momo Challenge

Explain to them the importance of online privacy. Most children don’t know about hackers, or online child predators whose main goal is to trick kids into giving away valuable information. So sit down with your child and explain to them how and why they should always keep their personal information, private. Teach them why they should NEVER tell people online; their name, age, or location. Be real with them, let them know that there are bad people out there who actually try and hurt kids. By doing this, you’re providing a solid foundation for them to think back on, if God forbid, they come across something like the Momo challenge, or nearly get blackmailed by online hackers.

Keep an eye on their online activity. With the busyness of life, it can be easy to default to letting your children have free range over electronics and the internet. This can be very dangerous. You need to ALWAYS know what they’re looking at, what they’re reading, and who they could potentially be chatting with. Be sure to keep a closer eye on your child’s online activity, and don’t hesitate to do some digging if you find something suspicious.

Let them know that you’re there for them. Sometimes when kids stumble across bad things online, or become involved in them, fear and shame often stop them from reaching out to adults for help. Make it clear to your child that you’re there for them no matter what, and that nothing they could ever do would stop you from loving them. When they feel that deeper level of trust and security from you, they’d be much more likely to tell you if they had fallen victim to a sick game like the Momo challenge, instead of being intimidated by some hackers empty threats.

Signs Your Child Might be Playing the Momo Challenge

If you’re suspicious that your child might’ve played this, or may be currently involved in it; here are some signs to watch out for.

The Momo Challenge

  • Night terrors, or being scared about a women with “big eyes”.
  • Very secretive about online activity.
  • Sudden severe self harm.
  • Increased depression and anxiety after being on their smartphone.
  • Strange text messages from unknown numbers.
  • Talks or sudden interest about death or dying.
  • Becoming unusually angry after being on social media.
  • Creating several hidden phone numbers and/or email accounts.
  • Constantly hides cell phone activity.

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It’s been a big trend for popular YouTube personalities to post videos that show them contacting and or participating in The Momo Challenge. These videos are very harmful to children. Not only are they encouraging the dangerous trend, but they’re also making kids think that the trend is okay to participate in, and is just for fun. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, and these harmful videos shouldn’t be watched by kids under any circumstances.

The Momo Challenge

While this particular challenge isn’t new under the sun, and even though more similar things might spring up in the future, that doesn’t mean we should just sit by and let this happen.

We need to stand up to these online atrocities and fight to keep our children, and all the children around the world, safe from such things. Kids are the future, so why not make sure to do all we can as human beings, to protect them?

Do you have any tips on how to keep a closer eye and handle on children’s online activity? Comment down below. 

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