Hi there! I’m Hannah Kercheval.

At Reading Obsessed, I read amazing books & recommend them to my fellow bookworms.

I created my blog as a safe place for bookworms to browse and hangout at.

So get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and have fun on my blog! I hope you find a few new books to devour.

Things you don’t know about me.


  • Majoring in English and writing.
  • Always drinking coffee or tea.
  • In love with fanfiction.
  • Allergic to makeup (almost died from the lipstick in that photo. jk…ish).
  • Like all music, especially Chase Atlantic.
  • Not sure if I’m a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.
  • Currently writing a few books!
  • A sucker for role playing apps.

Want to connect?

Email at readingobsessedofficial@gmail.com or join me in the comments 😊