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In short….

Hey there, I’m Hannah Kercheval. I’m a 💛Hufflepuff who’s obsessed with books books books. Forever dreaming of 🍭Honeydukes. Currently getting my bachelors in English. 📚🍎Future librarian.

In long….

I’ve been in love with reading ever since I was a baby. There’s just something about being transported to another world that young Hannah couldn’t get enough of. My love for reading led me to visiting places like Hogwarts, 18th century London, Winterfell, and the Half-Blood camp. 

Because of my obsession with all things books, I decided to start my own book blog here at Reading Obsessed! I love being able to have a special place to talk about books, and recommend my favorite books to other bibliophiles! 

Currently I’m getting my Bachelors in English, and am going to get my Masters in Library Science when I graduate. Being a librarian is my DREAM job, and I’m so excited that I’m on the path to becoming one. 

Even though according to Wizarding World, I’m a Hufflepuff, my reading habits rival those of a Ravenclaws! Though nothing can beat reading a physical copy of a book, I’m OBSESSED with Kindle Unlimited (affiliate) right now. Cozy mysteries have become my kryptonite, and my Kindle library is filled to the brim with them!!

Are you a bookworm? I’d love to meet new friends! Comment down below and leave your book blog link, I’d love to check out your site. 

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Hannah Kercheval

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