Signs You're Reading Obsessed

Signs You’re Reading Obsessed

Being a bookworm isn’t just a clever title; but instead it’s a lifestyle.

Books and reading tend to be two of the biggest hobbies in every bookworms life. You might just be a bibliophile in the making and not even know it!

So come and see the signs down below, and decide if you yourself might actually be READING OBSESSED.

  1. You never stop reading
  2. You have a compulsive book buying habit
  3. Your room is overflowing with books
  4. You’d rather spend money on books than clothes
  5. You prefer fictional characters over real life people
  6. You could stay inside and read all day for the rest of your life
  7. You are always up to date with upcoming books
  8. You love to support indie bookstores
  9. Book memes are your favorite type of memes
  10. Budgets go out the door whenever you visit a bookstore
  11. The perfect gift for you always includes a book (or several)
  12. You prefer the book to the movies ALWAYS
  13. You are aspire to be an author one day
  14. The library is your happy place
  15. You always make a hot drink before reading a new book
  16. Your dream celebrities to meet are always authors
  17. You have way too many bookshelves
  18. Your kindle or e readers are always full
  19. You don’t believe in having “too many books”
  20. Your TBR pile is reaching the thousands
  21. English was your favorite subject in school
  22. You are obsessed with audiobooks
  23. Barnes and Noble is your second home
  24. You couldn’t imagine a world without books
  25. You are emotionally attached to numerous fictional characters
  26. Amazon is your favorite place to order books
  27. Booktube is your preferred Youtube genre
  28. Your friends and family always ask you for book recommendations
  29. You secretly want to be a librarian
  30. The smell of new books is your favorite scent
  31. Your life revolves around books
  32. You read several books a week
  33. Goodreads is a life saver in your opinion
  34. You always have a book (or four) in your bag
  35. You love all book genres
  36. You don’t trust people who don’t read
  37. You have to take a few days (or weeks) to emotionally move on from a book you’ve just finished
  38. Coffee (tea) and books are the only things you need in life
  39. You can’t relate to people who don’t use bookmarks to mark their reading spots
  40. Your dream library is Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast
  41. You’re always pre-ordering the newest books
  42. Book events are your jam
  43. You’ve considered starting a book blog, if you don’t have one already
  44. The employees at your favorite bookstore(s) know you by name
  45. Your day doesn’t feel right until you’ve read at least a few chapters of a book
  46. You’re rather possessive when it comes to people borrowing your beloved books
  47. There have been times when you’ve actually considered turning your bedroom into a library
  48. You have to wait a while before committing yourself emotionally to a new book
  49. You tend to like listening to audiobooks over music
  50. There’s no such thing as “one more chapter”, you simply finish the book
  51. Your Amazon wish list is filled with hundreds of books you intend to buy
  52. You’ve read all of your favorite authors books
  53. Once you’ve read the first book in a series, you always buy the rest of the series
  54. You love taking pretty pictures of your book collection
  55. You probably have a #bookstagram
  56. There’s nothing you love more than connecting with fellow bibliophiles
  57. You fall asleep while reading