About Hannah

Hi! I’m Hannah Kercheval.

I believe the perfect book is unforgettable and has characters that live with you forever.

As a self-proclaimed bookworm since birth, reading has been an enjoyable hobby of mine for 21 years. I’m a lover of all genres; and love to soak up a good hard copy, audiobook, or eBook on my beloved Kindle. Over the years and hundreds of trips to the library, I’ve amassed an extensive list of books I read and created Reading Obsessed to share my favorite books with you!

At Reading Obsessed, I love to help fellow bookworms cut through the noise; and discover the books that are 100% worth reading. Because there’s nothing more frustrating than being 300+ pages into a book, only to be disappointed by the story overall. On the blog, you can access all of my reading lists. My reading lists have specific themes and genres, which I love because there are just some tropes you can’t get enough of.

So, grab a cup of coffee, have your Kindle nearby, and enjoy discovering a few new books to devour!