Signs You’re Reading Obsessed

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Signs You’re Reading Obsessed

Being Reading Obsessed is something that all bookworms can relate to. There’s nothing like reading a book and losing yourself within the pages. Moments like that are comforting, especially in the fast-paced world we live in today. Curling up in bed with a good book is often the highlight of my days, and I’m determined to complete my TBR list someday. 

Aside from reading, being Reading Obsessed with a way of life. Book lovers’ habits cross into every area of our lives. I have countless mugs inspired by my favorite books and am guilty of listening to audiobooks 24/7. I’ve written a cute list so you can determine whether or not you’re officially obsessed with reading. My guess is if you’re reading this, you probably are! 

30+ Signs You’re Reading Obsessed

  1. You always have a book in hand.
  2. Bookish candles are your favorite.
  3. You’ve experienced emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback.
  4. When you’re not reading, you’re listening to an audiobook.
  5. Packing for vacation is a game of how many books you can fit in your suitcase.
  6. You prefer the book to the movie.
  7. All your favorite celebrities are authors.
  8. You like fictional characters better than most people.
  9. Reading for hours is your idea of a perfect evening.
  10. You’re always quoting your favorite books.
  11. Your crushes are fictional characters.
  12. Bookstores feel like a second home.
  13. You constantly imagine yourself escaping to another world.
  14. BookTube is all you watch on Youtube.
  15. You start to panic when asked what your #1 favorite book is.
  16. New book releases make you scream at the top of your lungs.
  17. Your sleep schedule is nonexistent.
  18. Bookish Christmas gifts make you happy.
  19. Your Kindle is your best friend.
  20. For the holidays, you buy everyone books.
  21. You prefer reading instead of going out.
  22. Buying books is an addiction.
  23. Your bookshelves are forever cluttered.
  24. Reading slumps are your worst nightmare.
  25. You’re always collecting new bookmarks.
  26. When you find a new book series, you disappear for a while.
  27. You’re likely a Ravenclaw
  28. Belle’s library makes you jealous.
  29. You’re obsessed with #bookstagram
  30. Book spoilers give you the creeps.
  31. You believe Audible is a godsend.
  32. Goodreads is your personal diary.
  33. You find yourself screaming at book characters when they make stupid decisions.
  34. The new book scent is everything.
  35. You tell everyone about the book you’re reading.
  36. Dog ears make you angry.
  37. Your dream job includes everything bookish.
  38. No matter where you are, you love to check out the local bookstores.
  39. You like books better than most people.

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