Books for 15-Year-Old Boys

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Books for 15-Year-Old Boys

As an older sister of two teenage boys, I’ve seen firsthand the types of books that catch their attention. There needs to be action, relatable characters, and a mission-oriented plot. These elements are great for keeping teen boys engaged and interested in turning the pages. Luckily I found a few books for 15 year old boys that meet that exact criterion! 

I’ve shared my book obsession with my brothers and introduced them to specific books they have enjoyed. Even if your teenage son doesn’t like reading, these books will be captivating enough to pique their interest, even just a little bit. 

Books for 15 year old boy who doesn’t like to read

I’ve included a mixture of classic books, must-reads, fantasy, and action-packed novels for this reading list! There will also be introductions to addictive series that will provide your teen son with hours of entertainment. 

Some of the stories will likely remind your teen son of video games and is an excellent alternative to spending too much time on digital devices. These books should be available at the local library to pick up and read.  However, a handful of these books are available on Kindle Unlimited if he prefers eBooks. Sign up for Kindle Unlimited HERE.

I hope your teenage son enjoys these books and discovers a love for reading!

Dystopian Books for Teen Boys

Classic Books for Teen Boys

Fantasy Books for Teen Boys

Action-Packed Books for Teen Boys

There you have it! This reading list is an excellent way for your teen son to kickstart his reading journey. Not only are these books fantastic, but they’ll also prove to him that reading is fun, as long as you choose the right books! 

Also, don’t forget to bring this reading list to your local library. 

Happy Reading,
Hannah | Reading Obsessed

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