Books for Teen Girls

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Books for Teen Girls

As a voracious reader, you could find me at the library in my teenage years! I was always excited to see the newest releases from my favorite authors or discover something new to read and devour. I enjoyed reading across all genres, especially as a teenager. If it was amazing, I loved to read fantasy, romance, or nonfiction. I’d love to share some fantastic books for teen girls with this reading list

These books will be an excellent fit for teen girls who love reading or those who haven’t found the right book yet and prefer to spend time on Tiktok. Not only are these stories for teen girls entertaining, but the characters are also relatable, and the storylines will be engaging enough to want to finish the entire book! 

These books are available at the local library or on Kindle Unlimited. If your teen girl likes reading on a Kindle, she’ll be able to find these recommendations on Kindle Unlimited. Sign up here for a free trial of Kindle Unlimited HERE.

I hope these books will spark a lifelong love for reading! 

Fantasy Books for Teen Girls

Dystopian Books for Teen Girls

Romance Books for Teen Girls

Book Series for Teen Girls

Any of these books will be a great book to read! There are plenty of amazing authors to choose from and a handful of book series to try out.

Happy Reading,
Hannah | Reading Obsessed

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