Children’s Books About Protecting the Environment

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Children’s Books About Protecting the Environment

My family and I have had the privilege of living in various unique places! One of these places was Germany. Living in Germany as a young child taught me how different environmentalism and recycling are then how we tend to handle things like that in America. Germany had super strict recycling rules, and we had to adjust to a new way of disposing of our garbage. Recycling became a big part of our daily lives, and even when we moved back to America, we still had those recycling habits and continue to do so today. 

Based on my childhood experience, it’s great to teach your children how they can help protect our environment. Little things such as recycling, putting trash in the garbage, and composting are good places to start. These children’s books about protecting the environment will teach your kids exactly why they should protect the earth and the fun ways they can do it! 

Children’s Books with Environmental Themes

This reading list will also educate young readers about the benefits of protecting the environment. They’ll also read how harmful plastic & littering in our oceans can be. 

I recommend these books as a reference to use during Earth Day or if your child is interested in learning more about environmentalism and sustainability. Most of the books on this reading list are picture books, so your children can also learn visually.

Here are the best children’s books about the environment. Enjoy! 

Children’s Books About Recycling

Children’s Books About Protecting the Ocean

Exciting Children’s Books for Young Environmentalists 

I hope these picture books encourage your little ones to learn more about environmentalism and the importance of recycling! I also encourage you to utilize these books as a tool to open up a dialogue about climate change with your young reader. 

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