Peter Pan Retellings

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Peter Pan is one of those fairytales you hear as a child and never forget. With all the whimsical characters and imagining a land far away from the troubles of life and adult responsibilities, it’s a form of escapism for some. If you love this fairytale, you’ll devour these exciting peter pan retellings!

Peter Pan Retellings for Adults

Yes, some of these books focus on the implied romance between Wendy Darling and Peter. However, others pinpoint the backstory of exciting characters like Hook. Every aspect of Neverland is explored in these retellings, and you’ll likely begin to see some of the beloved characters in an entirely new light. 

I’ve included light-hearted and darker retellings for this reading list for you.


Dark Peter Pan Retellings

YA Fantasy Peter Pan Retellings

Captain Hook Retellings

Besides the fairytale, these books are reminiscent of the Peter Pan storyline in Once Upon a Time. I plan to read Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. I’ve also read Hooked by Emily McIntire and enjoyed it! 

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