Popular Book Series for Teens

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Popular Book Series for Teens

I was obsessed with reading book series in junior high and high school. Nothing could compare to my excitement when I read the following books in each series installment. Summertime was when I plowed through most book series and, at one point, was reading nearly one book series a week! Because of this, I ended up reading so many book series over the years that I’ve lost count. However, I wanted to share a handful of popular book series for teens that still stuck with me all this time later. 

If you’re a parent shopping for your reading obsessed teen, they’ll enjoy choosing from these teen book series. Whether your teen reader is in the mood to attend a magical boarding school or is obsessed with Greek mythology, all these teen book series will transport you to a new world you’ll never want to leave! 

Regardless of where you live, these book series should be available to check out at your local library. Or, if you prefer to read on Kindle, plenty of these book recommendations are available on Kindle Unlimited. Sign up for Kindle Unlimited HERE.

I hope your teen reader loves this reading list! 

Fantasy Book Series for Teens

Dystopian Book Series for Teens

Romance Book Series for Teens

Your teen reader has a variety of great series to try from this reading list! Not only will they be able to start a new series, but they’ll be encouraged to read more often.

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