Books About Anxiety for Kids

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I tended to worry about the most random things when I was a child. Sometimes the worrying would become so intense that I would physically feel sick. A bit later, I learned that I was experiencing anxiety symptoms. Knowing that about myself helped me communicate more effectively with my parents about it and what to do when I was in situations that tended to flare up anxiety in me.

If your child is anxious or unusually worried about random things, these books about anxiety for kids will be an excellent way to express their feelings and learn the best way to manage them. 

This reading list has picture books that can also be an effective tool to open up dialogue, for your child to verbalize to you precisely what they are feeling and the situations that tend to cause anxiety in them. 

Kids’ Picture Books About Anxiety

Encouraging Books About Anxiety for Kids

Relatable Books About Anxiety for Kids

I hope these kids’ books can encourage your children to talk more openly about feelings of worry, doubt, and fear! Any of the books on this reading list will gently prompt your children to become curious about challenging anxiety head-on and not let it ruin their days. 

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