Historical Fiction Books About Kings and Queens

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Historical Fiction Books About Kings and Queens

So, I’m currently OBSESSED with PBS Masterpiece’s Victoria TV series. It follows the life of the iconic young monarch and how her reign as the Queen of England began. I recommend watching the show if you enjoy everything with royals and monarchy. Inspired by my latest TV obsession, I wanted to create a reading list of historical fiction books about kings and queens. 

Readers will watch as the characters in these stories navigate court scandals, twisted politics, untrustworthy alliances, and everything that comes with competing for the crown. 

Best Books About Royalty Fiction

I found so many exciting books for this reading list and even managed to find a few gems of historical fiction princess books! Aside from some of them being based on real people, these books also include lots of romance and heartbreak. You’ll also read about the delicacies that come with marrying a king, and the lengths the woman had to go to to keep his attention.


Historical Fiction Books About Royalty

Best Historical Fiction About Kings and Queens

Historical Fiction Princess Books

I’ve already read Victoria by Daisy Goodwin and liked it! From this reading list, I plan to read The Irish Princess by Elizabeth Chadwick and The Sisters of Versailles by Sally Christie next. 

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