Books for 10 Year Old Boy Who Doesn’t Like to Read

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With reluctant readers, coaxing them to try reading a book can feel impossible! However, there are plenty of ways to get around it, even if your child prefers a digital device over books. These books for a 10 year old boy who doesn’t like to read are a fantastic way to positively introduce your child to reading books.

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The way most of them are designed purposefully low-pressure with big fonts, wacky designs, and graphics that will keep your child occupied. 

Books for 10 Year Old Boy Who Doesn’t Like to Read

I’ve often found that most kids get intimidated by big chunks of text and tend to be more open to reading books with lots of visual content. I’d recommend taking this reading list to your local library and trying them out to see if your child enjoys them!

Funny Books for 10 Year Old Boy

Mystery Books for 10 Year Old Boy

Graphic Novels for 10 Year Old Boy

I hope this reading list will be a fun way to introduce your children to see reading as something fun and exciting instead of a chore. You can also use these book recommendations for your child’s summer reading plan. 

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