Poldark Books

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Poldark Books

In my family, British TV shows are our absolute favorite! We’re all big fans of British shows like Downton Abbey, Merlin, or The Great British Bake Off. I think there’s nothing better than watching a cozy murder mystery or slow-burn romance set in the UK. Lately, my family and I have been obsessed with Poldark on PBS Masterpiece. I’ve been enjoying the Poldark books!

Poldark Books Summary

Poldark happens post the Revolutionary War. Within the beautiful landscape of Cornwall, South West England. Our main character, Ross Poldark, returns to Cornwall after fighting in the war. Upon his return, Ross finds out his first love, Elizabeth, is engaged to marry. Also, Ross must deal with the death of his father. Ross must also restore his newly destroyed fortune.

Poldark Books in Order

The show is terrific. Watching Ross Poldark begin rebuilding his life and meeting various new characters was entertaining. Because I love the show, I was stoked to discover it’s actually based on a book series. There are 12 books in the saga by Winston Graham. This series is a perfect introduction to Poldark and an excellent add-on for fans of the show! Also, it’s a great fit for readers that enjoy historical fiction, romance, and suspense.

Poldark Saga Books 1-4

Poldark Saga Books 5-8

9-12 in the Poldark Saga 

I hope you enjoy reading this wonderful book series! Also, I’d recommend using this reading list as a guide for the Poldark books timeline. With twelve books in a series, you’ll want to ensure you’re reading them in order. 

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