YA Books Like The Hate U Give

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The Hate U Give book is a fantastic read for teens and adults. It touches on classism, police brutality, and systemic racism. Alongside picking up the book, I recommend watching the movie.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is an impactful story. Starr Carter struggles to balance living between poverty and wealth. Her conflicting existence becomes incredibly fragile after the horrific death of her closest friend. It’s then Starr must decide which world she wants to live in and how far she’s willing to go to receive justice for the murder of her friend.

Inspired by The Hate U Give book, I have created a diverse reading list with YA novels with similar storylines. These stories showcase the hardships of being part of a marginalized group in America. Characters in these books also display to teen readers the severe impacts that racial injustice and discrimination can have on them and their communities.

Diverse Reading List for Teens

Delving into complex topics, this reading list will challenge teen readers to learn more about racism, American poverty, and our justice system. Additionally, these books will discuss racial bias and how racism can be subtle. 

Readers advisory The Hate U Give: Due to the graphic content in these books, I’d say they are best suited for readers in grades 9-12.

Books Similar to The Hate U Give for Teens

I hope these books help you open up a dialogue with your teen readers about racism and its harmful effects on our society. 

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