Dark Academia Romance Books

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I’ve been trying to spend less time on my iPhone, but I can’t resist scrolling on Tiktok! A specific sub-genre of romance novels caught my eye on the app—dark academia romance.

I’m a big fan of the dark academia aesthetic: haunted castles, an obsession with elite education, and broody outfits. Discovering this book theme led me down a rabbit hole, and I’ve gathered a handful of dark academia romance books for you. 

Set in academic institutions, you’ll visit an old castle, hidden academies, and prestigious schools for the ultra-wealthy. I fell in love with the characters in these books! There are cruel antagonists, mysterious heroines, and super twisted love stories. You’ll also find plenty of dark academia enemies to lovers books.

YA Dark Academia Books

These books are the perfect form of escapism and a great reading list to get you out of a slump. I also feel like these books are perfect for reading during spooky season! 

Most of these romance books are available on Kindle Unlimited. So, if you like to read on your Kindle like me, then you can sign up for Kindle Unlimited HERE.

I hope you enjoy these dark romantic academia books!

Mysterious Dark Academia Romance Books

Angsty Dark Academia Romance Books

Any of these book recommendations will be perfect for reading during Autumn or a rainy day. There’s nothing cozier than reading a creepier book when it’s chilly outside. I’m currently obsessed with the Corium University series! I legitimately read the entire series in two days and have zero regrets. 

Happy Reading,
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