Romance Books for Vsco Girls

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Romance Books for VSCO Girls

In 2019 I remember that the VSCO Girl trend was all the rage. I couldn’t log onto any social media platform without seeing the bright colors, oversize shirts, and beloved Hydro flasks. It’s an adorable trend, and being a beach girl myself makes me happy to see it. Because I love the Vsco girl trend, I created a romance reading list inspired by it! These romance books for VSCO girls are like a refreshing glass of lemonade and are perfect for reading poolside. They are Ariana Grande songs that come to life and will put a smile on your face. 

The characters in these stories will remind you of the trend and are super duper relatable. These romance books will also make you feel giddy with plenty of happily ever afters. I’d read any of these stories to pull you out of a reading slump. This reading list is also perfect for summer reading. You can enjoy a day at the beach with these books in tow inside your beach tote.

Enjoy reading these sweet romances!

Lighthearted Romance Books for Vsco Girls

Emotional Romance Books for Vsco Girls

Semi-Disastrous Romance Books for Vsco Girls

Adorable Romance Books for Vsco Girls

My favorite book on this list is Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West. I’d recommend this reading list if you’re a big fan of sugary sweet romance books. You can also throw any of these romance books in your beach bag and enjoy a day reading outside in the sun! 

Happy Reading,
Hannah | Reading Obsessed

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