Sweet Devotion: Mae and Tristan’s Story

Sweet Devotion: Mae and Tristan’s Story
Series: Best Teen Fiction Books
Length: 272
ASIN: B076Q9Q26N

Mae Cole met Tristan when she was a little girl, and never forgot him. The two of them meet again, this time when Mae's in college, and she refuses to leave his side. Working together, Mae agrees to help Tristan save his brother before his soul is taken away forever.

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Author’s description:

When she was a little girl, Mae Cole met someone who left a permanent imprint on her soul and changed her life forever. Several years have passed since Mae last saw Tristan, but not even time has been able to diminish the special connection they first shared. During her Thanksgiving break from college, a force for pure evil unexpectedly reintroduces Tristan back into Mae’s world. Now that they’ve been reunited, Mae has no intentions of letting Tristan leave her again and pledges to aid him in his quest to save his brother’s soul.

Ever since returning from alternate Earth, Tristan has been on what seems like a futile undertaking to bring his brother and father back to God. Tristan realizes that the odds of changing his father’s black heart are infinitesimal, but he holds out hope that his brother, Jasper, will find a way to step out of his father’s shadow and break his bond to a man who has done nothing but use him for his own nefarious purposes.

Mae soon realizes that in order for her to have a chance at a future with Tristan, she needs to find a way to help him resolve his family issues. Thankfully, God opens a door for her to walk through that will not only help Mae and Tristan reach their goals but also save the souls of the cursed Watcher children before they’re lost forever.

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