Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily
Series: Best Teen Fiction Books
Length: 216

Lily Madison is dead. Surrounded by ghosts, Lily struggles to keep her sanity. After meeting a despicably handsome ghost named Nick, Lily finds solace in a girl named Zoe, who can see dead people. With her newfound friendship and blossoming romance, Lily must decide if she's willing to let Nick go.

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Author’s description:

Lily Madison’s problems began the day her life ended. After getting saved from a watery grave, she wakes up in a hospital surrounded by a herd of naughty ghosts, including one very hot, very annoying dead guy named Nick.

Before she died, choosing a prom date was her biggest dilemma. Now she’s being stalked by specters and haunted by hooligans. Lily begins to doubt her own sanity, until she finds out a Goth girl named Zoe can see the ghosts, too.

With the assistance of Zoe and Mr. Wan, the manicurist who almost killed her, she must get Nick and the other ghosts back where they belong or the whole world could be in terrible danger. But she’s fallen for Nick, and if sending the ghosts back means saying goodbye to him forever, Lily isn’t sure she’ll be able to let him go.

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